Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'll never forget

Thousands of children and adults received Nintendo Wiis this Christmas and their ability to remember all the details over time is questionable. Speaking for myself, I would say getting mine is something I'll never forget because I still remember getting our first Nintendo in 1991. My sister does not. My declaration of never forgetting it is a reasonable one because it could go either way. My sister who was along for the 1991 Nintendo purchase remembers no details of its acquisition.

As life events go, whether or not I remember such a thing is unimportant and serves only to explain the impact of a potentially forgettable occurrence. But the phrase "I will never forget this" finds itself abused for events which by their very magnitude would never be forgotten without the onset of Alzheimer's disease or a severe head injury.

"Never forgetting" despite a head injury is quite another matter entirely. 
*Note* Google "head injury" and "bandaged head" at your own visual risk.

Carrie Underwood was married this past July but it would seem that this once (or thrice) in a lifetime event has the potential to be forgotten. Her husband is quoted as saying of the day, "She looked so stunning. I was thanking God for her that moment. It's something I'll never forget." I'd hope one wouldn't forget how their spouse looked on their wedding day but I'm sure if I were marrying an American Idol winner it would be even harder to forget.

Stating that something will never be forgotten has the implication that it could be forgotten. Other major events include this year's Australian Rules Grand Final. The Grand Final (Australia's equivalent of the Superbowl) had to be replayed after a draw the previous week. A Grand Final draw had not occurred since 1977 so naturally every football fan was in a tizzy over the replay between St Kilda and the much loathed Collingwood. After a week of madness and the eventual replay, much to the disgust of everyone other than Collingwood players and supporters, Collingwood were victorious, and I must say, it's something I will never forget. As I don't follow Collingwood in saying I wont forget I am indicating what an impact this hoopla had on someone who followed neither team and wasn't even in Australia when it happened. What did not need to be stated was that the players who busted their balls the whole season, built up to Grand Final day only to draw and have to meet again and then eventually win would not forget that. Who could go through all that and forget it?

Imagine it's 2030 and a few 2010 Grand Final players who are still in touch find themselves playing a friendly game of cricket in the backyard after a barbecue:

Steele Sidebottom* of Collingwood: Ahhh! You're out! And it's a bloody draw! Should we keep going?

Nick Riewoldt of St Kilda: Nah, fuck it. It's not exactly the 2010 Grand Final!

Sidebottom: The what now?

Riewoldt: The 2010 Grand Final. We drew. Remember? We had to play it all over again the following week to a stadium of 100,000 people.

Sidebottom: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Typical Collingwood supporter

And the list goes on.  Just this year I have collected these...

  • Woman on National Geographic's Locked Up Abroad described the moment she was busted by airport security while carrying copious amount of drugs as being "something I'll never forget."
  • The producer of hideously drab clothes, and unworthy winner of Project Runway Season 8, Gretchen Jones described her win as "something I'll never forget." We don't expect you to forget, Gretchen since the viewers will never forget the biggest injustice in Project Runway history either! Mondo forever!

"First act by Republicans: repeal Project Runway decision. Unseat Gretchen, restore Mondo."
  • 2010 US Winter Olympian John Daly said "That was the most amazing thing of my life. Walking into the ceremony was unbelievable and something I'll never forget. When the torch was lit, it was official. I spent the last few weeks saying I was an Olympian." I'm sure you'll never forget you are  an Olympian much as I will never forget that I am not an Olympian.
  • Chilean President, Sebastián Piñera, said to Luis Urzúa, the 33rd miner to be retrieved from the collapsed mine, "You're not the same after this and neither are we. We will never forget this." Subsequent interviews with various miners have brought similar promises of never forgetting being trapped in a fucking mine 700 metres/2,300 feet underground for 69 fucking days.
Another day, another rescue operation

I've been to countless concerts in my life and while a song may seem amazing while you see and hear them, the memories often fade away until sometimes you're not sure if you ever heard a song live at all. This is not the case the first time Supergrass played my favourite song, In It For The Money live. I had lobbied for it for years and had given up hope so when it finally happened at their fourth to last ever show, my mouth was a agape, my eyes filled with tears, my mind blown. I can still relive every moment of that realisation like it just happened. It is something I will never forget. It means something to describe it that way as on paper it appears pretty unmemorable. "They played your favourite song. Great." No, it was more than that, hence I stress that I will remember.