Thursday, June 07, 2007

This Paris Hilton thing is depressing me

***NOTE***I usually like to illustrate my blogs, but in this case, no one needs to see another picture of the skanque. I'd make one with horns and stuff but I'm at work without my photo editing program. ***UPDATE*** Now that there are some pictures of Paris sobbing, it's finally worth looking at her.

I wanted to resist getting into the Paris Hilton thing. I'm sure there's a gazillion blogs about it already, but I'm just feeling so depressed by the whole thing that I thought I'd reach out for validation (or invalidation, whatever you see fit) about my feelings.

Was it wrong of me to be relishing the last month in the knowledge that Paris was going to jail? I don't think so. Comeuppance is all that we could have hoped for all this time for this spoiled trollop. Britney's been a complete mess all this time which has been most enjoyable, but Paris seemed to be getting off scott-free.

I was pretty disappointed when I found out her 45 days had been reduced to 23 and she was going to a not-so-grimy prison. I later heard it was more prison like than I thought, so that made me happier. I also was told she was strip and cavity searched, so I was glad that she was being treated like everyone else. You know, getting anally raped with a torch. Is this wrong to be glad that all these things are happening to someone? I don't think so, because she was just getting the standard punishment for what she did and I'm glad for anyone to be accountable, but perhaps the salivation, claps and titters it caused in me were a little over the top, but how could it not?

Then today, I log on the news that the stupid spoiled whore is under house arrest, was never cavity searched, is having a party tonight at her house and got let out for psychological reasons. She was close to a nervous breakdown. What the flying fuck is that about? Since when did people get let out of prison for that? Prison breaks people. It's kinda known for that, but in her case, they let her out? I'm sure crying and acting crazy wouldn't get any of us anywhere if we were in prison. Anyway, it's not just annoying me, but actually depressing me. Not to the point of curling up into a ball in bed, not eating and sobbing, but just feeling like the world is a completely awful place and if it imploded, it probably wouldn't be that bad because we're not heading towards a bright future. I know it seems dire, but it is a sign of the bad times are living in.

Am I going too far? Ag, I'm sure you think I'm going too far. Anyone else?

***UPDATE June 8*** Well, it's nice to see that even if there are a few people trying to get this spoiled bitch off, that the general consensus of the community is to keep the ho down. No matter how much they've force fed her down our throats, the public has spoken and we only watch her because we hate her. The judge has put her back in the slammer and people are dancing in the streets and rejoicing.

I was listening to Randi Rhodes earlier and she was going ape shit because this Paris bullshit was news. I whole-heartedly agree, but the fact is, since we've had to suffer through Paris for so fucking long, today was the payoff. Let us enjoy this day and then let us go back to declaring war on the assault on reason tomorrow.

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