Friday, June 08, 2007

Friend dating

Making friends in school was relatively easy. Somehow, you'd find some people to hang out with and they became your friends. The first friend I made in high school was simply because when I walked out of the classroom for recess on the first day, looked at everyone as they came out and asked the least threatening girl if I could hang out with her. She said yes.

Since then, most friends are made by circumstance. You have to sit next to them in class, you work together, or meet through a common interest and so on. But when you get older, these instances stop presenting themselves as much. You might go to a bar or some place and be casually introduced to someone and hit it off, but unless you have something to give them or an event you both want to go to, how do you cross that line to ask them to be friends? What if they just see you as a casual acquaintance? Is asking for their email, MySpace or phone number coming on too strong? They were just looking for conversation while they drank, not a life-long FRIENDSHIP. Back off!

There's this girl in my acting class whom I really like. Whenever there is a break, we seem to have a lot to talk about, she seems really nice, and we seem to respect each other's acting skills. But since we've not really talked about anything we like to do socially, it doesn't seem to go any further than that. I feel like I want to ask her for her email or MySpace, but I don't know what for, and then I feel like I'm trying to ask her out and then when I think about it like that, I feel extra stupid. And what if we hang out and then we have nothing but small talk going for us? Sounds like a bad date.

I met a girl once, the girlfriend of someone I just met. I was new in LA and had no friends and I was looking! We exchanged details and agreed to meet up for coffee or something. She was one of those people who don't laugh I blogged about, which already had me a bit scared, but I was desperate. But when the coffee date finally came around, she's broken up with her boyfriend and was all mopey and just wanted to talk about that and it was just like a bad date. I never called her again.

Maybe since I never dated before I got married, I am making up for that experience with friends. Or maybe I'm even more socially retarded than I thought. I *heart* MySpace.
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