Friday, April 27, 2007

Blank face

When I say blank face, I am not talking about someone's facial expression. I sure do hate seeing that facial expression when something which requires a response has occurred, but that's another matter.

In this case, I am speaking of someone whose face I simply cannot remember. Has anyone else experienced this? There is this girl I've dealt with through work. I've met her a few times, had a meal with her and even spoke face to face about non-work related things for about half an hour, yet I can't get a picture of her face in my head. Every time I try, she kinda looks like Ashlee Simpson, and then I realise I have it wrong since I never thought she looked like Ashlee Simpson.

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? It's really an odd feeling. I was in the same room as her two other times and I didn't go and talk to her right away because I wasn't sure she was her and there were other girls who looked like her. It's not that I'm such an unobservant bitch, who is too busy trying to catch her own reflection in every reflective surface to observe other people, it's just this one person.

It extra drives me nuts because I have a crazy penchant for remembering faces of people in commercials.

  • Like this blonde guy in an ad for buffalo wing pizza is also in an ad for All-Tel cell phone carrier.
  • A guy who was in an ad for thinly sliced, pre-packaged deli meats is also in an ad for and some other product which I've forgotten.
  • This guy who was in an ad for something was seen in a vegan restaurant near my house and more recently in the Christopher Guest film, 'For Your Consideration'.
  • This nerd guy in an am/pm commercial who says the meal between lunch and dinner is "Lunner" was seen by me at my favourite Thai restaurant.

So as you can see, I have a good eye for people's faces whom I don't need to remember, so why can't I see this girl's face? I saw a photo of her and I thought it would help me remember, but it looks completely unfamiliar! Ugh!
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