Thursday, March 16, 2006

You should pass a vision test before buying a big screen TV

Wow, I just realised that as I write my fourth blog, it is the third one about how people get caught up in things and fail to see the truth. Expressing the fact that people are sheep yet again. Sorry to be so repetitious!

I was just down at Costco looking at computers. We also need a new TV as the red is gone in our current one, so we looked at all these flat screen, back lit, plasma, and all that stuff. Not that we are going to spend more that $250 on one, but they were just there. Anyway, I just can't get over how BAD the quality is on a $2500 TV! I mean, it's so bad on some of them, that I can't even believe they are for sale.

They had the same thing on all the TVs, so you could really see the difference from one to the other, and the prices had nothing to do with these differences! It was unbelievable! People actually buy these TVs which are terribly pixilated or can only be viewed for the correct angle. If you were sitting on a barstool to watch the 'big game' you wouldn't even see it properly!

If you look at any letters in titles and network logos, you can see how jagged the edges are. This same phenomenon carries over to the people on screen. Heaven forbid anyone MOVES! They just become a blur.

So it leads me to wonder how televisions of obviously worse quality over your standard 'old school' television can be purchased by anyone. I think it has to be back to the mass hysteria. People with no fucking clue about picture quality don't know much, but they know they aint nothing without a BIG FUCKING SCREEN TV! So they go in there, and experience much like what I experience when buying jeans. You look at a few, try them out, too many choices, your head starts to spin, this one seems okay...I'll take it. Get home..Oh! It fucking sucks! I can't tell you how many times I have come home with pants that turn out to be wrong for me. Luckily this amounts to a mere $35 down the drain, or it's a simple refund. In the case of buying a $2500 TV, I daresay one doesn't want to go to the trouble of taking it back, if they are even aware that they have a piece of shit in the first place. All they know it that it's BIG! Woo-fucking-hoo
I am no expert and don't really know the difference between a plasma and a back lit and all that shit, but I do know that something that is $2500 shouldn't look like FUCKING SHIT! They aren't all as bad as I've described, but at those prices, they should all be great.

I suppose if people are that fucking stupid, they are getting what they deserve, which is some consolation.

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