Saturday, February 11, 2006

You don't owe Madonna anything

I don't know what it is about Madonna, but everybody keeps defending her. I know at some point in our lives, most of us have liked something she has done even if nothing she has ever done has been original or innovative. And that's fine. Just say, "Yeah, I really dug those songs from 'Like A Virgin' until 'Human Nature'. But no. She has some untouchable status that she doesn't deserve. She still gets credit for leading trends and being fabulous. People who don't even really like her, still feel the need to defend her. Like she is worthy of respect even if one doesn't like her. So not true.

All she has ever done is tapped into other people's ideas, aligned herself with the right people and taken all the credit. And for that she receives unquestioned devotion like Jesus Christ. Even people who will concede that that is all Madonna has done, give her credit for being able to do that. What is with that? Why does anyone care to put a business woman on a pedestal?

How can anyone maintain any respect for a woman that had sex with Vanilla Ice just because he was 'it' at the time? She must feel pretty stupid about that one.

The thing that really kills me is the credit she gets for 'liberating women'. People continually spout that crap and can't even explain it without sounding like they are under some kind of mind control. Yes, being a whore looks very liberating. I must try that sometime. If Madonna gave birth to Britney and she (or Britney's people) gave birth to this trend of whorish teens and pre-teens whose primary concern is to be HOTTT, then Madonna has a lot to answer for in terms of 'liberating women'. We are now free to be hot, show as much skin as we want, get what we want by being complete bitches and have no need to be intelligent and decent people. Women are making huge strides forward. Thanks Madonna! She put her daughter on stage wearing a belt that read 'Boy Toy'. Ugh.

Having said that all, just look at her for fuck's sake. She's a complete hag! she's not even hot! She's kept her body up, but her face is beginning to resemble a peach pit. And the make-up she chooses to cover it with makes her look like an evil clown. Look out Pennywise! Madonna's got your gig cornered and she's going to take all that credit for it. I can hear it now, "Nobody did demonic, whorish clown right until Madonna. She knew how to make it work..."

As for her 'cutting edge' music. Yes, we really needed an album of a wealthy business woman complaining about how tough it is to be rich.I never realised how much it sucked to be her. I'm glad I'm poor now. "We really need to thank Madonna for showing us that being successful and wealthy isn't all fun and games.."

Now she presents us with a single in which it's only redeeming quality is that it's completely sampled an Abba song. Ingenious move Madonna. Somebody give this woman credit for thinking of ripping someone else off! Nobody could have done it like her. She was smart enough to think of that. Thank-you Benny and Bjorn is in order.

There are so many idiotic quotes to defend her "Madonna was the first person to make it cool." "When Madonna did it, she knew how to make it work." These kinds of things are just excuses for everything she does.

The bottom line is that to defend Madonna is to be blind and stupid. If you look closely, (shit you don't even have to look closely), at what she has done, you'll see all she has done nothing but take her clothes off and sing poorly. That's about all that she has all to herself. Everything else has been business. Who would think a business person was to worshipped and admired and unworthy of criticism for their cutthroat and shitty behaviour? Oh...we all like Donald Trump these days, huh? Don't mess with 'The Donald'. Ugh...never mind....
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