Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kyle from Time Warner Cable

***Please view before reading. It's only 30 seconds.***

This commercial, featuring Kyle from Time Warner Cable that airs in the LA area really unsettles me every time I see it. It's seems abundantly clear that Kyle is gay and I while I must say I am happy to see a gay guy in a commercial and hope to see more, something about Kyle irks me. When I thought about this, I felt bad, like his gay enthusiasm was too much for me. But I soon realised that that's not it. I love lots of gays like Tim Gunn, Christian Siriano or course, Richard Simmons.

My hero, Tim Gunn, eyes a fashion creation with concern.

So what is it about this commercial that irks me?

I accept a certain upping of enthusiasm from a salesman. It is that carefully measured dose that allows me to buy into what they are saying, even while knowing they are being a little condescending with their unbridled enthusiasm for cleaning products.

Gays are over the top with their unbridled enthusiasm for stuff, but that's a generally accepted trait of many homosexual men. They are as enthusiastic about fashion disasters as they are about fine, firm package. I find it endearing.

Put these two different types of enthusiasm together, and frankly, it's just too much. My feeling is that gay flamboyance coupled with a sales pitch is just off the charts. It's like a wacky cartoon version of a sales pitch. As it is, I am already distrustful of commercials where an employee of a large company that jerks me around, in this case, the cable company, tries to tell me how fulfilling supplying cable service is, dangerously straddling the line of realism. I have already been annoyed by a previous commercial in this series where a girl loves her shitty job way too much to be believed. Add in the gay and this already preposterous premise becomes insulting to my intelligence, more so than the first ad.

The ridiculousness of the Magic Bullet infomercial is a source of entertainment in its own right, not to be confused with any real attempt to trick the viewer into thinking this isn't a piece of shit.

While it's just a part of nature that some people are gay, I don't think I have evolved enough to handle the booster shot of the sales pitch to the existing flamboyancy. A family of two mums arguing about the kids blowing out the phone bill, or dad 1 whipping up a last minute meal with Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup just before dad 2 gets home is just fine. I just can't take them lying to me about how great Time Warner Cable is. Shit, maybe it's just that it's Time Warner Cable. I KNOW I would love Kyle in an infomercial, coming to thing of it... Somebody hire that kid!

"Equality is the freedom to dislike everyone equally."
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