Sunday, September 14, 2008

Caring more or less

I have some better blogs in the works, but I've been reading instead and being lazy, so I thought I'd fill in the gap with something that's bothered me for some time. It's a mistake that has hit twice in the last two days, and many times before so I am setting it straight once and for all:

The phrase is "I couldn't care less." COULDN'T, not COULD. So many times people say "I could care less" and it's flat out WRONG.

Let's examine the intent of the phrase. "I could/couldn't care less." is used when someone is trying to emphatically state how much they do not care about something.

Archibald: Did you hear Martin got hit by a car last week?
Miriam: I could care less. He's an asshole.

Miriam saying she COULD care less means that whatever level her caring is about it, she could go lower. It suggests that she cares about this somewhat. To help you visualise this, look at the meter above and imagine her caring about Martin is at a 5, which would indicate she COULD care less. Zero through four still await.

Petreus: Did you hear Carrot Top is in a critical condition after one of his stupid prop gags went wrong?
Murphy: I couldn't care less. That guy is sucks.

Murphy is saying he can't care any less than he does now. His care factor is at rock bottom. The needle is at zero. HE COULD NOT CARE LESS.

Carrot Top: still at large, unfortunately.

Oddly enough, I am actually wearing a house t-shirt at this moment with a "Care Factor" and the needle on "0" as we speak and I swear the shirt did not inspire this blog, though it may have reminded me that visuals of such meters exist.

I don't know who you are, but if you identify yourself as someone who says "I could care less." please break this down and amend your mental phrase book.

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