Monday, February 04, 2008

Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

It was nice to see this clip with Bob not looking like a pervert as he always looked during my late 70's, early 80's viewership.

I was helping my new sister-in-law untangle a necklace after stating "I'm really good at untangling things." I went on to back up my claim with a de-tangling story, "I have a friend who's a magician who had a trick all tangled up..."
Kathryn: "I have a friend who's a magician." That's not something you hear every day!

It hadn't occurred to me until then how unusual that was to be friends with a magician, but I guess it is! It then made me realise that I do know a bunch of people with interesting professions. Upon having dinner on Friday with our friend who is a college professor, I decided to lay it all out for you. Stephen is probably the smartest person I know and I was so delighted to have a good chat with him, that this blog had to be written, if for no other reason, so I could boast about knowing him.

Black Jack player
Able bodied sea woman/First Mate/Captain
A-list actor/movie star
Personal Assistant to the above mentioned actor (This person is also a writer/director/actor/editor/musician. I consider him a real Renaissance man)
Washed up comedian/movie star (I don't like this person, hence the venom)
Singer/musician triplets
Professor of Political Science at the University of Washington
Sound man
Comedians (a bunch of 'em)
Costumer/Wadrobe department
Abominable snowman
Karaoke host (two of them!)
Special Ed teacher
Weather reporter
Dog trainer
Hairdressers (a few)
Travel agent
Musicians playing a various instruments
Massage therapists
Seller of surveying equipment
Drivers (One for the likes of Green Day, RHCP and RATM and another for Joeys Fatone, McEntyre and Lawrence all at once)
Make A Wish Foundation wish maker
Graphic artist
Record label owner
Film/TV Editor
Inventor of UV protective garments
Porn movie extra (no nudity required)
Fabric designers
Hostess at Television Preview. Here is Television Preview's version of what it's all about, and here is a disgruntled attendee's account of events.

If you are my friend and have a great profession that I've forgotten, please forgive me. It's 5am and I can't sleep for jet lag and I have to be at work in two hours. Kill me. You know what's missing from that list? A vegetarian chef. If you know such a person, tell them you know this awesome girl that wants to be their best friend and have them move in with her and her husband. (Seekers of funny business need not apply.)

Before I finish, here's a link to McSweeney's Interviews With People Who Have Interesting Of Unusual Jobs.

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