Monday, July 16, 2007

Graveyard of blogs

Holy crap, I knew it had been a while, but I guess it's been just over a month since I last wrote a blog. I feel really bad because I wanted to write one a week, whether or not you wanted to read one a week.

At a time of crisis like this, I look over my Graveyard of Blogs. I take this term from Mr Bungle who had a "Graveyard of Riffs" where they would any discarded riffs and anyone could take one from there for their own use. The difference is that I'm the only one sentencing blogs to the graveyard and the only one resurrecting them, so I'm only getting the much perspective as to their quality or finding a better use for them.

The graveyard began as a quick idea storage. "This is really pissing me off! I must blog about it!" and so a one or two line synopsis of the grievance is written with every intention of returning to it later.

But later comes and I peruse the graveyard and precious little jumps out at me. Either I no longer have the passion for the subject, I can't be bothered, my aspirations for trimmings like pictures or research are too high or it was just a bad idea to begin with.

It got me thinking though about bands. When I read about my favourite bands and all these discarded songs they've written, it pains me. Like a real physical ache in the chestal area. When you know there's a song you haven't heard it, you are left dreaming about a goldmine rotting away. But now I that I look over my graveyard and consider much of it to be unworthy, it makes me want to trust the judgement of these bands to discard the songs. It may well lower my high opinion to hear some of these songs that may result in a disgrace. Sure, there are probably a few gems, but I'm sure there's a lot of drivel that would only tarnish a good reputation for quality. Often times rarities do pop up and while an exciting find and still quite good, they often prove to be not up to snuff.

There are waves of inspiration at which times, you can't put out enough good stuff, and other times where you couldn't come up something you consider decent if your life depended on it. So I'm just going to ride these waves and choose quality over quantity.

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