Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hope for the future

It's the day after the mid-term elections and I feel elated. Just when I'd given up hope for this country, the Democrats have taken control of the House, and most likely the Senate will be sealed soon too. We just have to get through the sore loser Republicans calling for recounts and so forth. I just hope they are portrayed as cry babies like the Democrats were in 2000!

It's just so refreshing to see that just when it felt like the lies and manipulation would continue to dictate the present and future, people, despite their previous ignorance and listening to distorted of facts, are finally seeing Republicans for the lying hypocrites they are. People who voted for them based on their supposed morals, something they claim to be lacking in Democrats, seem to be shaken by the recent scandals that have plagued the GOP. Thank you Marc Foley and Reverend Ted Haggard for your indiscretions and to all your right wing, hypocrite cronies who helped cover up your disgraces. It's sad that it takes sex scandals to shake things up, but since that has been a primary focus of the Republican party, it's nice that they've clarified for us that they were full of shit all along. Also thanks to (almost former, HAHAHAHAHA) Senator George Allen for your little racist slip which has cost your party the whole damn thing. Iraq was part of all this, but the scandals gave us the edge.

Still, people aren't completely free of propaganda as the $94 million dollars invested into the "No on prop 87" by the oil companies in an effort to defeat the proposition which favoured higher taxing of oil companies and exploring renewable energy sources, has paid off as prop 87 was defeated quite comfortably. This really depresses me amidst the other victories as I was sure the "Yes" vote would prevail, but I'll take what I can get at this stage. Did their bullshit ad campaign and the dropping fuel by a few cents change people's minds? I feel crushed as I thought public opinion was on the side of tackling global warming, but perhaps with the new congress, these issues can be tackled at a federal level.

I have to admit it gives me a great thrill to see that after years of frivolous fanship of Michael J. Fox, he would come through and been a key factor in winning this important race for the Dems. His commercial endorsing Democrat Claire McCaskill for Senate sparked national interest as he was attacked and accused of overplaying his Parkinson's symptoms for the sake of the ad by right wing lunatic, Rush Limbaugh. Michael J. Fox responded to this with such grace that it gave a lot of weight to his position in favour of stem cell research, so that in that tight race for Missouri which the Dems so desperately needed, I feel great pride that Michael J. Fox had so much to do with the victory.

It's nice not to be on the losing side for once, in this, my first time voting as a US citizen. I've been backing losers in Australia for years too! I have the Victorian state election back in Australia coming up this month too. I'm making my mark across the globe this month!

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