Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So, I'm in love with Superman

I recently went to see Superman Returns. I have been a huge fan of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies since I was a wee thing and he was certainly one of my earliest crushes.

I always thought it was Christopher Reeve I was into, and prior to seeing the latest edition with Brandon Routh, I did not think he was particularly attractive. But once the movie got going and they used the exact same theme from the original film, I was back in Metropolis and before long, I realised that it was not Christopher Reeve I had the hots for, but Superman! I suddenly found myself quite taken with the man of steel in the same way, no matter who was playing him.

In a scene where he emerges from the water, I thought he was totally hot and reminded me of how wonderful Superman looks in the 1978 film when in Lex Luthor's pool, weakened by the kryptonite around his neck. *melt*. I love when that suit is a few shades darker from the water. Oh, and it's also dark when he's bad Superman in Superman III. There's something exciting about such a good guy turned badass, drunkard and dirty.

I'm surprised I didn't figure this out sooner since I never really found Christopher Reeve that exciting in anything else I saw him, or even in Superman II after he relinquishes his power. His hair is soft and shaggy and not all slicked back and out of the way for crime fighting or news reporting.

Yep, it's Superman I love.

Oh, and I can't forget that Superman's personality has a lot to with it too. Probably has the most to do with it. He's just such a great guy! He's a total sweetheart, but in no way a pussy. Gosh, it has to be his personality or how else could I be into a man who wears undies over tights?
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